UnlockOpen is a boutique consulting firm that helps organizations thrive in open tech ecosystems.

Feel free to reach out directly to Tobie Langel, Principal & Managing Partner, if you want to learn more: tobie@unlockopen.com.

Tobie Langel is a world-leading expert and international speaker on open source and standardization. He advises some of the biggest names in tech (Google, Microsoft, Mozilla, Intel, Cisco), promising startups (GitLab, Airtable, Coil), industry organizations (OpenJS Foundation, OASIS, W3C) and nonprofits (Organization for Ethical Source, Ushahidi, Omidyar Network), either pro bono or through his consultancy, UnlockOpen.

Tobie’s unique mix of deep technical expertise, open source and standardization street creds, thorough understanding of IP concerns, industry-wide network, and broad, business-focused strategic perspective makes him an ideal partner when growing thriving open ecosystems that balance private and public interests in pursuit of the common good.

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